Why Modern Mommy?

Modern Mommy… why did I choose this particular title? Truthfully, it just made sense. The word modern comes from the Latin word modo meaning just now. When I decided to my blog Modern Mommy, I thought of it more as the Just Now Mommy.

I don’t follow traditional trends and patterns all the time but I do believe that if it isn’t broken why fix it, my more traditional side. I’m a firm believe in the here and now. We can’t always look back on the past and as much as we want to plan for the future who know what it will be. So let’s be in the moment in the just now.

As to the Mommy part of it, I have been a Mommy for a while now but motherhood isn’t limited to the production of children, there are different type of mommies out there that nurture and guide all types of beings from those on two legs or more.

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