My life

No matter what I do and how I try to live my life obstacles always come my way. I know that this is true of everyone but when I say obstacles I really mean the ones from soaps like Days of Our Lives. I married an amazing man who had two children from his previous marriage. I call them my little blond brownies and I think of them as mine.

Their mother hates me! And I mean if looks could kill I would have died a millions times and that’s being conservative. My husband and I are constantly at court being accused of one thing or another . We were accused of child abuse recently and haven’t seen the kids in a month. Today, we were scheduled for a hearing and although everything was unfounded and I should feel happy, I don’t. I left the court room and got into the car and started crying for my babies.

They are my babies and even I didn’t give birth to them, they are mine! I think of their overall wellbeing and how things will affect them. Going to court made me realize that we can’t help who our parents are. We can only cross our fingers and hope we get parents that will put us before themselves.

Everyday, I pray that all my children have what they need but I especially hope my blondies get what the deserve, a decent mom. I will never tell them what I think of their biological mother, I rather cut off an arm. I hope they learn what parents are really meant to do, love their children.

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