This blog isn’t meant to be anything crazy other than a way to express some of the things that life has thrown my way. I might blog about anything and everything… From some yucky thing my toddler has stuck in his or her mouth to some crazy dish I decided to butcher. I am trying this out to see how it goes for me.

So, let’s tell you about me. I am in my early thirties, happily married. I have four children; two are my biological children who I like to call my chocolate brownies and two are from my husband’s previous marriage, the blond brownies. I am college educated and make a living through education. My career has displayed my passion for education, I am a teacher hear me roar. I’m also wicked corny!


We reside in NH. We live in what my husband calls a manor, not really more like a farm… We have a fur family which includes: Ben the Bengal, recently adopted; Milan the Vacuum, our four year old rescue; Lyla the Queen, our crazy Yorkie with a snaggle tooth; Theodore Roosevelt M. aka Teddy, our service dog in training; then we have 13 chicks who have to be named and Ted, the rooster.

This blog is the story of me and what happens when you run that kind of crazy lifestyle and yet try to stay sane.